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Sue & John Corey, Makers of Fine Times Since 1976Scroll Down Below This Awesome Header for More!

Second Chance Northeast Cyclekart Meet: 2 Sept 2017

Didja miss the first one?  OK, you have a second chance.  Nick Walters, maker of the Beautiful Bugatti, has invited us to run 'em there!  I (John) ran with him there this past weekend and it was great!  A brief video of some laps is posted at:  


Get it Out!  Fire it Up!  Bring it Here!  We can have a tech session, a review of Tieton event out west, a country track to race around, and good times for you and your cyclekart!  Please respond by August 15 to let us know if you're coming, so the fridge can be stocked appropriately.  The shop will be open (tools, fuels, drink that cools).  And if Nick is willing (likely), he'll let us cool in the pool, so bring a suit.  Suggestions for format are welcome, as this is totally freeform at the moment, but the tentative "plan" is this:

  Saturday morning about 10 AM: arriving hordes

  Saturday morning til about Noon: meet and greet, set-up and test (and fix)

  Saturday at Noon-ish: LUNCH!, let's eat

  Saturday after noon: let's race!  Several heats as practical!

  Saturday later: fix 'em as needed, pack 'em, sit and gab, plan next event.

The Place:

Nick Walters' Spread

831 NY-203

Chatham, NY 12037


Pending his OK, contact me:

John  Corey

2556 River Rd, Melrose NY 12121

Phone: +1 518 7958035 +1 518 7958035


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